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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Part 150 Noise Study


As the region continues to grow, Sea-Tac International Airport will face increasing demands both in terms of passenger traffic and cargo handling. The Port of Seattle's objective is ensuring that growth and expansion result in as minimal of an impact to the surrounding community as is reasonably possible. This year Sea-Tac will voluntarily evaluate and update its noise programs. Known as a "Part 150 Study," this effort will help the Port evaluate the effectiveness of its current noise programs and develop future noise programs to address the projected growth.

For an explanation of a Part 150 Study and answers to other frequently asked questions please review "FAQs".

We would like to hear from you if aircraft noise is a concern to you. The Part 150 process encourages the participation of citizens and public agencies. There are several ways offered, by this study, to get involved. Your comments can be submitted by using the form on this web site, accessible via "Comments." The FAQ pages and "Public Involvement" pages contain further information on public committees, workshops and meeting schedules.

At the same time the Airport is pursuing additional noise reductions through its Part 150 Study Update, we are planning to expand our noise monitoring system by installing twenty five noise monitors around the greater Airport area.

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