Compare and Analyze Noise model scenarios

Volans’ Compare Noise Contours and Compare Noise Grids features allows you to easily Drag-and-Drop your files to visualize and analyze the different impacts between two noise model scenarios. This new feature includes custom tools and can display the results in several ways on the map to better meet the needs of your project.

Aircraft noise pollution is a highly technical and complex matter that has been studied for decades and remains a key environmental concern. Airports and agencies focus many research efforts to establish programs that will help understand noise impact and identify effective solutions while still ensuring safety and efficiency. Noise Mapping is one of the most recognized main tool for assessing and managing environmental noise impact. With this scientific method, Noise Contours or Grids will depict noise levels associated with airport and aircraft activity in a specific area. Visualizing these graphics in a 3D application such as Volans will not only help you witness and understand a complex subject but also help you establish a first evaluation.

Knowing the many factors included in these projects and therefore their complexity, we, at BridgeNet International, created an intuitive comparison tool that will evaluate and summarize population, housing data and more; allowing you to create as many scenarios as needed and obtain an immediate and productive analysis that will benefit further solutions and action plans. This new feature will also provide digital or graphical comparisons, custom tools such as color settings, mapping, and many more, to ensure a clear and unquestionably understanding avoiding any misinterpretations or miscommunications.


San Francisco International Airport- Noise contour 1 on a Satellite Map

San Francisco International Airport- Noise contour 2 on a Satellite Map


Graphic Results of a noise grid comparison on a Street Map
Graphic Results of a noise grid comparison on a Street Map - Heat Map


Graphic Results of a noise grid comparison on a White Map - Points

Digital Results of a noise Contour comparison



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